About Us

Our business

We are two metal detecting friends and founded Showmycollection.com in 2018, after discovering that there is no shop selling a large range of displays and materials for storage, cleaning and preserving of collectibles and soil finds. We have built up a large assortment for different types of collectors in a short time and are continuing to expand. We focus on the entire collectors market. If you have ideas for a product that is still missing in our range, we would like to hear from you.

Robert & John

You can contact us by e-mail: info@showmycollection.com

Reasons to buy from us

Fast and well packed delivery service. Best possible quality. Only the highest quality materials and best brands are guaranteed. 100% customer satisfaction. Member of “Valued Shops / Emota”.

And … we are collectors ourselves !!!

The valuation of www.showmycollection.com at Webwinkel Keurmerk customer reviews is 9.6/10 based on 290 reviews.