About Us

About Us In 2018 We, 2 friends, conceived the idea to concentrate on the sale of display material for collectors. This idea was born from our joint hobby, searching with the metal detector. The found items are exhibited by us in display cabinets to family and friends. What we lacked, however, was material to present this stuff in a beautiful way. This includes, for example, beautiful holders for coins and jewellery. But also coin sheets for folders, beautiful acrylic plateaus on which collectors of, for example, model cars or art can present their collection. A name was quickly invented, Showmycollection.com. An English name because we focus on the European market. We focus on the entire collector market. If you have any ideas about a product that we do not yet have in our assortment, we would love to hear from you. You can do that by sending an email to info@showmycollection.com.