Large Decrease:

Have you seen products of which you want to buy a large amount(> 100)? gives a discount up to 10% or more on a larger product decline. Let us know when you need the products at the latest and we will do our utmost to deliver the products on time. Feel free to contact us via

New Products:

Are you or do you know a supplier of products that fit our assortment? We are always looking for new suppliers and the latest developments in collectors area! We would like to receive as much information about perhaps our future assortment as possible. Send a mail to and you will receive a response within 2 working days.

Possibilities and cooperation:

For, every idea is a possibility. For example, do you want to organize a contest and are you looking for original prizes? has experience in this and is open to requests. -Write an article about Here we are happy to work with and are willing to provide the necessary information. -Evaluate a product or products from our webshop? In consultation we would be able to send you the product so that it can be assessed by yourself. -Place a product from us on your site in the form of special offers? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Nothing is crazy and don’t hesitate to send an email to