Payment methods

At you can choose from four different payment methods: IDEAL. BanContact/Mister Cash. Directebanking. PayPal, Klarna

Klarna – Postpay (Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Finland)

With ‘Pay later’ you pay your order afterwards as soon as you receive it and have decided to keep it. So you never pay for what you send back.

You enter your name, address, place of residence, e-mail address and other data that you always have with you and you pay when it suits you during the payment period of 14 days.

Postpaying with Klarna is safe and simple. The payment details of your purchase can be found on the account you receive from us. Of course you can always look up the payment details by logging in to the Klarna App


The easiest way to pay via the internet is IDEAL. If you have internet banking at one of the banks below, you can pay with IDEAL. Paying is easy with the help of Internet banking and payment is completed within a few minutes. The advantages of IDEAL in a row:-payment is processed immediately. -Easy and quick completion of your order. -In A familiar environment of your own bank. -Offered for free by

Paypal / Credit Card

Paypal is the world’s most well-known and easy payment system that allows you to pay securely worldwide or receive payments. One important reason to use PayPal is security. PayPal provides extra protection by keeping your financial and private data hidden and private. People to whom you make money do not see your bin and credit card details.

BanContact/Mister Cash

Bancontact/Mister Cash from Banksys is a popular payment system in Belgium. The effect of this is similar to IDEAL in the Netherlands. You enter your bank number and confirm the payment with the bank’s security resource (for example, the card reader). The payment is handled immediately so that the shipment is not delayed.


DIRECTebanking is simple and safe as a method of payment abroad. The payment will be completed within a few minutes. Payment is easy via internet banking. DIRECTebanking is available in the following countries:

The Netherlands