Composite Cleaning Pencil / 2 Pieces

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The composite cleaning pencil is completely different from other cleaning pencils in terms of material and treatment. Designed for precise cleaning down to the smallest detail and to remove hard surface tarnish to reveal hidden details.

These pencils are perfect for cleaning coins and other soil finds. They are made of a special composite based on resin systems for maximum performance without any metal or aggregate material.

  • The black hard composite insert is made to remove hard deposits and update the smallest details.
  • The white soft composite insert is made for step-by-step gentle cleaning and the removal of light deposits. Apply only light pressure. No fibreglass fibres are released during the cleaning process.

The fillings can be sharpened again with a fine sandpaper. Because the white insert is softer, it will wear faster than the black hard insertg. Before changing the filling, remove the cap from the top and put the insert in here. Put the cap back on and press it until the tip comes out at the front. To remove the insert, keep the top pressed down and carefully pull out the insert.

These pencils allow you to keep the aged patina without devaluing the coin or artifact.

Caution: Not suitable for gold and silver coins and objects.

Includes two pencils, two individual inserts each and an embossed pencil pouch.

Sold separately:

  • Extra refills (3 x white and 1 x black)
  • Brass brush
  • Needles and scalpel set


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